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CW single-frequency ring Dye laser, model "DYE-SF-07"

CW single-frequency Dye laser

Rigid laser base-plate with three invar rods in a volumetric configuration;
Additional vibration sink base of the laser;
Possibility of direct pumping (without any additional mirrors and/or spacers) by popular DPSS lasers, the centre of the input aperture of DYE-SF-07 laser matching that of a DPSS laser;
Compact and powerful system of dye solution circulation with a leak-free magnetically coupled pump;
Efficient system for suppression of pressure fluctuations in the dye circulation loop;
Absolutely dry dye-jet laser: the laser has a reliable shutter for the dye solution during powering up and switching off the circulation system;
Laser set-up and training of the customer's personnel is performed first-hand by the Tekhnoscan specialists.

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