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Autoscanned CW narrow-line ultra-wide-tunable laser system,
model "T&D-scan"

Autoscanned CW narrow-line laser system

The laser system is fully controllable through a user-friendly computer interface that offers a variety of modes for setting and scanning of the radiation wavelength as well as different modes of data acquisition and recording.

Software and Data Acquisition
The "T&D-scan" features LabView based software running under Windows 10. For acquisition of experimental data an 8-channel 14/16-bit ADC is used with quantisation frequency of 2/3 MHz and channel multiplexing frequency 2/3 MHz.

Fields of Application
The "T&D-scan" system is designed for wide-range spectral studies and characterisation of quantum semiconductor structures, meta-materials, as well as for nano-technological applications, and quality control.

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