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Autoscanned CW narrow-line ultra-wide-tunable laser system,
model "T&D-scan"

Autoscanned CW narrow-line laser

T&D-scan (2,4 Mb)


Light source
Combined CW Narrow-line Ultra-wide-tunable Laser System:
CW Ti:Sapphire laser (1)
CW Ti:Sapphire laser with intra-cavity frequency doubling (2)
CW Dye laser (3)
CW Dye laser with intra-cavity frequency doubling (4)

Wavelength range
275-1100 nm:
680-1100 nm (1)
340-550nm / 680-1100nm (2)
550-700 nm (3)
275-350nm / 550-700nm (4)

Output power
up to 4 W in the range 550-1100 nm
up to 500 mW in the range 275-550 nm

Radiation linewidth
< 0.001 nm / < 0.05 nm

Wavelength accuracy
0.001 nm / 0.01 nm

Scanning modes
smooth scanning / step-scan

Data channels
8-channel 14-bit ADC, 12-bit DAC, 6 input ports, 4 output ports

Accessories (optional)
notebook, laser power meter, UV-IR viewer, extra dye circulation unit, pump laser

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